Amp up your fundraising efforts

Get the essential start-up tools for effective fundraising. We’ll help you dial-in your pitch and look like a pro with a clearly articulated value proposition.

1. Prospectus Tune-Up
Give your business plan a makeover. We’ll help you polish up your prospectus by adding our expertise in clarity, organization, formatting, layout and printing.

2. Investor Slide Deck
Make your slide deck sing. We’ll help you identify the gaps in your existing investor slide deck and/or develop up to twenty (20) slides. Deliverables and design work can include: updated and/or branded PPT or Slides template, new or revised infographics, charts and graphs.

3. Executive Summary
Craft a one-sheet for your pitch. Summarize the main value proposition points of your project, the investment opportunity, and your contact information in one clear and concise leave-behind document. Content and design is based on the investor slide deck content.

4. Landing Webpage
Make follow-up easy with a branded landing page based on your investor slide deck. Powered by WordPress, we’ll add a short summary of the project, contact information, a contact form for lead capture.