YES! You CAN advertise your cannabis products online.

While it’s true that cannabis ads aren’t currently accepted on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, there are hundreds of mainstream sites where you CAN advertise cannabis products. As a partner advertiser in the largest premium publisher network focused on the cannabis industry, CMA can deliver ads seamlessly across an umbrella of 500+ publications in niche audiences seeking cannabis discovery, yoga, wellness, music, entertainment, and other real life content.

Hot Industry Sites

Our ad network includes some of the largest and most respected websites in the cannabis industry like Medical Jane, Grasscity, Cannabis Culture, Merry Jane, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, International HighLife, Sticky Guide, The Daily Chronic, Leaf Science, Kush Tourism, The Fresh Toast, Leaf Buyer and many more.

Mainstream Publications
Our network includes a variety of popular publications covering politics, home décor, health, music, travel and much more. Our cannabis ad network includes eHarmony, Food Network, The Travel Channel, HGTV, Salon, Maxim, OK Magazine, eHarmony and many more mainstream publications.

Sponsored Content
When integrated with recommended content, your content ad is served in the form of a link to an interesting, informative or amusing piece of content on your website. When your ad shows up as ‘recommended content’ on a relevant story, it provides valuable content and an engaging experience on sites that readers already enjoy, while reminding the viewer of your brand and inviting them to click through to get even more engaged.

Getting Started
It’s affordable and easy to get started. You’ll make an initial buy-in deposit which gets applied to your advertising spend, and you’ll pay CMA a media planning fee to handle your campaigns and be on our network. We also offer design services to help develop and deliver your digital ads, and our conversion tracking system can get your campaigns connected directly to online sales. Throughout your campaigns we’ll fine-tune your ads and deliver in-depth reporting and performance analysis.

Let’s connect to get started. Give us a call, or book a free consult to learn more.