What do Google’s new Core Web Vitals metrics mean?

With Core Web Vitals becoming a major ranking factor on Google, it could be time to make sure your website is compliant. What do Google's new metrics mean? Core Web Vitals are page speed metrics based on user data that you can use to improve your website visitors' experience. Google is trying to help shape [...]


Cannabis Online Advertising – YES!

YES! You CAN advertise your cannabis products online. While it’s true that cannabis ads aren’t currently accepted on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, there are hundreds of mainstream sites where you CAN advertise cannabis products. As a partner advertiser in the largest premium publisher network focused on the cannabis industry, CMA can deliver ads seamlessly across [...]


Best Marketing Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Understanding the world of marketing can be overwhelming for any business, and canna-businesses are additionally challenged by having to navigate complex regulations. What's the best way to market a B2B cannabis venture? How much does it cost to advertise for a dispensary? Should you hire an agency to implement digital marketing for a new [...]


Inside the Normalization of Cannabis Marketing

Chris Daniels, News Analysis | February 16, 2018 Legal cannabis is projected to be a $21 billion market in the U.S. by 2021, and providers of recreational pot are gearing up for consumer demand. Players in the cannabis sector from growers and retail dispensaries to tech delivery mechanisms are starting to look less like fringe [...]

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